higher choices beyond sound design


Solarsound is a dynamic entity of entertainment, devoted to music research, live sound and video art.
With experience and care in all the details, we offer professional services for multitrack mobile recording, audio/video editing, mastering and post production.
The professional audio interface and the 8x microphone pre-amplifier have being specifically designed to work on any power supply: 110/220V AC or 12V DC batteries.

This is one of the creative dimensions of Miki Ferrandino, world music explorer, performer and producer. Besides the musical activities he is supporting and promoting human evolution through positive change and expansion of Awareness.
Aiming at this higher purpose, Miki uses several practical tools that are becoming more and more important in these critical times of change, like organic farming, eco-building, Permaculture, biofuel production and local money trades.

You are all the most welcome to check the ongoing projects page and the list of remarkable web links. For more informations on workshops and products please consult the contacts page.

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